Una porta alla moda fa una buona impression


If you want to be taken seriously in this world, then you need a legitimate front door to announce to the neighborhood that you don’t take entrances lightly. You could go with the typical plain metal door bu the neighborhood kids would make fun of you and it would be likely that you would become a target for vandalism such as egging.

Now, if you are expecting to have some mad crazy raves and parties, or if you just have allot of people over for tea and crumpets then you might want to consider some high traffic doors. This is where doors like double swinging and revolving doors come it. You can even incorporate some western style doors so you can make some dramatic entrances, or some heavy duty swinging doors so that you can do some spartan kick entrances.

Forget about large unsealed openings. It is so last year! You want to feel like your door frames are giving you a hug when you walk through them so that you know your house loves you.

Now, if you are going to incorporate some high traffic swinging doors then you best be prepared with some security and safety. Security by making sure that the doors can be locked when completely closed so that no-one can steal your precious collection of vintage Wheaties boxes. Safety by making sure you got some windows in the doors adequate to see approaching humanoids from the other side of the entrance. This helps avoid some nasty collisions and spills. It also prevents awkward moments when humanoids come into contact in inappropriate ways with each other’s corporeal entities.

Now lets talk color baby! Red just doesn’t cut it in today’s modern world. We landed on the moon y’all and there is no going back amigo. If you want to be cool like me then you have to select something in the neon range like, laser lemon, kinetic kiwi or apocalyptic azure. Color is everything and anyone who doesn’t agree with this sentiment will be ridiculed by the neighborhood nosies.

You can have a doorbell if you want, but if you really want to man up then you need to get a massive medieval door knocker. Preferably with a glorious and intimidating animal head like a lion or dragon.

Seriously though, it is well worth the investment of time to take careful consideration of the entrance to your dwelling. This is the ultimate example of the first impression. Give it your best shot.

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