Trattamenti per finestre – Tipi di trattamenti per finestre per porte scorrevoli in vetro


Having sliding glass doors can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to figuring out how to decorate them. So do you really want to cover them? The main reason to cover them in the first place is to have optional privacy if needed so having curtains for sliding glass doors that have an option to open and close may be what you want. In addition, window treatment for your sliding glass doors can be a decorative statement.

Something to consider when you are shopping is to make sure you measure the space properly. While they are all about 72 “wide, the height does vary from where and what type of house or apartment you have. The last thing you want is to get treatments that are too short. Too long can always be taken care of with some skillful sewing or tacking.

Some people like the more traditional curtains for window treatments. If this is the case, you will need to have ample space above the door to hang the curtain rod. Then you would want to go with a fabric that goes with your decor, as well as, possibly keeping out unwanted drafts. There are thermal insulated curtains that come in a variety of colors and will go with just about everything. If you do not have a drafty sliding door then you can go with something thinner.

One thing if you live in a garden type of apartment take a look at the other apartments to see what type of curtains for sliding glass doors they have. This way you can get some interesting ideas and know that you do not have the exact same window treatment. If you are in a private home, depending on if your home was built by the same developer, homes in your neighborhood may also have sliding glass doors. You can get ideas from them as well.

Next, what is your budget? Do you have one? This would be the time to put that together so you will know what price range to stay within. Once you have an idea what color and type of curtains, blinds or whatever type of window treatment you want, try doing some online comparison shopping. You will find the prices do vary considerably. By looking online first, you will get some really good ideas besides saving time and money traveling to the different stores looking for that perfect treatment.

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