Principali tipi di recinzioni per la tua casa!


When it comes to the security and beauty of homes, the options are surprisingly diverse. One of the best ways of adding value to your home and making it more secure is fence installation. Fences are available in a wide assortment of color, style, shape, size and patterns. The options are endless. You can choose the one that suits your budget and home style best.

Fencing your backyard or front yard not only enhances the security and beauty of your homes but adds privacy also. Before choosing any particular type of fencing option, major factors like lifespan of the product, security, maintenance and cost of installation, need to be kept in mind.

Important types of fences for your property have been listed below:

Chain link

This is one of the most common types. It is preferred for both residential as well as commercial sectors. Its average lifespan is 30 years. It is also famous under the names of wire netting, chain-wire, cyclone or hurricane. The popularity of chain-link is mainly because of its comparatively low cost and easy installation. Moreover, it is transparent and does not obscure sunlight from any of its side.


Vinyl fencing is another most common fencing type. Availability in a wide variety of styles, easy-to-install, durable, attractive, maintenance-free and weather-resistant nature are some of the prominent features associated with it. As far as its cost is concerned, it is slightly more expensive than any other types.


This kind of fencing is majorly preferred for residential buildings. It is reasonably priced and requires very less maintenance. Its average lifetime is 20 years.


It can be utilized in industrial as well as commercial settings. This type of fencing option is considered best for individuals who want to make their property more beautiful than before. It is less corrosion-resistant and almost impossible to repair.


It is mainly used by businesses, organizations and homeowners which give priority to the safety factor. As far as the pricing structure of iron fencing is considered, it is highest of the five. It is extremely durable, easy to repair, long-lasting and less vulnerable to tampering.

These are some of the major types of fences preferred these days. Whichever you decide to choose, you need to hire a professional company for the installation work. Professional companies have the right knowledge and equipment to carry out the installation task easily and safely.

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