Door Canopy: fornisce riparo, convenienza e bellezza alle tue port


You can transform a plain and dull looking front entrance door by decorating it with a door canopy. A canopy on top of your entrance door can enhance the beauty and look of your existing door. It can instantly add a touch of class and fashion to the front of your house.

Door canopies not only provide shades to people from harmful sunrays, rainfall and snowfall. They also offer protection to the door itself against dampness. Installing this canopy serves as an accessible way to fit cover front or back doors. It acts as a walkway with extended door canopies. They make a lot of difference in space utilization when your door opens directly onto the pavement or street. You and your visitors are also protected by these during sudden rains with no umbrellas on hand.

Nowadays, you can see a lot of entrance canopies installed in residential and commercial door entrances. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The cover materials can be made of wood, aluminum, canvass, fiberglass, polycarbonate sheeting or heavy metal. They are available in pre-fabricated or made to order. You will find them very easy to clean with simple washing.

These type of canopies are available in plenty of designs to suit the architecture of your home. You can choose different styles such as flat roof canopies, frame door canopies and mono pitch. They can suit both modern and traditional styles. When it comes to monopitched canopies, they can be made of terracotta or gray tiles with white grain or wood grain planked soffit detailing. Another model has a detailed fascia with crisp denture features around the edges. You can have a raised lead-look canopy with rolled lead detailing fitted to the traditional molded fascia with smooth undertray. Your choice is countless!

With the use of fiberglass made door canopies, it is possible for you to come up with your own layout and design for your entrance canopies. The advantage of fiberglass material is they are both lightweight and durable. With regards to aluminum types, they are usually fully enclosed with vented sidewings to allow upward winds to escape. These aluminum canopies can be made of heavy extruded mill finish framework. Wooden and timber canopies are also very popular because of their durability, flexibility and viability to match whatever is the architecture and style of a house.

In choosing your door canopy, make sure that your design layout harmonizes with the design of your house. You have many options to choose from based on your budget and taste. Take your time to study the pros and cons of the different types of materials. If your resources permit, you can match your canopies with window awnings to create a better impression. With your choice of materials, you can select one or a combination of aluminum, wood, metal and fiberglass and create your own style!

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